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About us:

I've always had a passion for snakes, but I was only allowed to keep lizards as a kid. Salamanders, frogs, and turtles were also added along the way, but I was never allowed the desired snake. Now as an adult, I'm finally able to have the snakes I always wanted.
In 2003 my husband and I went to our first reptile show in Pomona, CA. Spotting the brightly colored Cornsnakes, we were amazed at how cheap they were. My husband uttered those fateful words that started it all...."You wanna get one?" A love affair was born! Our first amelanistic Cornsnake, C.S. (short for Christmas snake) was purchased from Reptile Depot for the low, low price of Twenty-four Yankee dollars. Since then we've added more Cornsnakes, Green Tree pythons and Amazon Tree Boas. We hope to add to the Green tree python and Amazon collection in the future. Check out our "Available" section to see what's coming!

ACR Breeder #268

Welcome to our reptile room. Our snakes are kept individually in custom built cages and in controlled environments.

Our Arboreal cages:

Our cornsnake and snail eater cages


Larger cages for the false water cobra and coming rainbow boa being built.